Vital Information and Guide for Amazon Reselling



Are you new to Amazon reselling? The most important task is also the hardest — finding the most profitable Amazon leads. But there’s no need to worry. This guide has everything you need to know about succeeding in the reselling business!

How to look for the best Amazon leads

Online reselling aims to find products at a low price and sell them for a reasonable profit margin. This includes taking advantage of deals, such as flash sales, clearance items, and promotions.

But the problem is that Amazon is a massive platform. It has over 1.9 million active sellers as of 2021, expected to increase by another million in the next year. You’ll need to be efficient in finding Amazon leads, and here are a few ways to do it:

Manual sourcing

Every reseller starts with manual sourcing. It’s a skill you must master and it requires much patience and time. But with enough practice, it will help maximize your leads significantly.

Manual sourcing involves the following steps:

  • Browse different retail websites for leads
  • Look out for sales and clearance promotions
  • Cross-check products with their sale prices on Amazon
  • Buy the leads at the lowest possible cost


Using lead services

Have your manual sourcing skills improved? You can now move on to lead services.

But why not use lead services from the start? This is because learning how to source products manually is crucial to your growth as a reseller. Instead, think of lead services as your reward for completing the manual sourcing course. Then, you can use them to your advantage:

  • Buy daily spreadsheets with hundreds of leads for an affordable price
  • Evaluate the resale potential of the leads using the metrics from your lead service
  • Buy the leads at the lowest possible cost


Using automated tools

So you’ve graduated from manual sourcing and using lead services. What’s the final level? If you’re serious about reselling, you can invest in sourcing software programs!

These online reselling tools are designed to help you find the best Amazon leads in the least time, compiling information, analyzing prices, and guaranteeing your success.

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