Useful tips to sell your items on eBay faster

Several strategies separate eBay Power Sellers from those who are struggling to sell even just one item that a day. Wondering what they are? Here are some useful tips on how to resell on eBay and make your inventory move faster:

  1. Provide buyers with all the information they need to know.

You don’t want your buyers to have to ask you a lot of questions. This will not only make the selling process lengthier, but can also turn them off and make them lose interest. It’s one of your jobs as a seller to anticipate what buyers need to know. Provide all the details you think they need including the item’s measurements, its weight, what material it’s made of, where it was made, and how old it is. You should also make it clear what countries you can ship to.

  1. Stay away from ‘auction style’ listings.

Most buyers are in a hurry. They don’t like auction style listings that force them to wait several days until the auction is over to finally pay for the item and get it shipped. If you want to move your items faster, make them available for purchase 24/7. This is one of the first lessons you need to know on how to resell on eBay

  1. Use PayPal.

Most eBay sellers prefer PayPal as a primary payment option because it allows buyers to not only use their PayPal account, but also all kinds of credit cards to complete the transaction. While there’s nothing wrong with accepting money orders or checks, it can be a hassle in the long run.

  1. Take lots of clear photos.

Show buyers exactly what they’re buying, so they don’t have to ask you for additional photos, which will eventually make the process lengthier. Recommended are 8 to 12 images per listing showing all sides and details of the item. You photos should be clear and look superior to other listings in order to stand out. eBay even offers some tutorials on best photo taking practices!

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