Today we’re going to be jumping into the top selling items on eBay for 2021! It goes without saying that the retail industry has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been silver linings in the reselling business. Many of the top selling items on this website have been focused around the home and what people are using to keep themselves busy; whether it’s for recreational or business purposes. This post will be looking into things like: electronics, crafts, health and skincare, clothes, and accessories that put more creative flair into a person’s life.

            With everybody at home, it’s no surprise that people are looking for items that are going to upgrade their work-from-home stations. This year has seen a large jump in sales for things like webcams, laptop docking stations, and power adapters. There has also been an increase in consoles and other electronic forms of entertainment like VR headsets. Video games are another item to look into, especially popular games for the Nintendo Switch which many had bought towards the beginning of the pandemic. People who have been stuck in their houses for the past year are reaching for things to help them get out of their daily routines so electronics are a perfect market to look into when making your next move.

            As mentioned previously, people are looking for forms of entertainment while they’re at home. Crafts and puzzles have been hot items that people have been wanting to get their hands on, especially on eBay. Jewelry making and beads for this activity have gained attention as well, everybody has been trying to tap into their creative sides while they’ve been practising social distancing. Following this same trend, another noteworthy example is painting equipment and supplies.

            People have also become more concerned about their health during the past year. Trends of at home workout equipment and even vitamins have started to stake a claim in the top selling products on eBay. Collagen tablets are a specific example but there are many other vitamins and dietary supplements that would be good products to look out for when it comes to reselling. Skincare products have also become popular, things like face masks, face washes, tonics, creams, and cleansers have made their way into people’s priorities. Individuals are wanting to make sure they are glowing the next time they step out of the house.

            Fashion is another important part of a person’s identity, and eBay has shown a significant growth in sales for these products. Shorts, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, you name it! The most important thing to look out for when it comes to clothes is the brand you choose to sell. Typically, people will want to buy a recognizable brand that has earned a reputation for being fashionable. People care about the image they portray to others. Brands like Ralph Lauren, Carhartt, Free People, and Eileen Fisher are all worthy of taking a look into.

            Accessories have made their stake in top selling eBay items as well. Due to the pandemic, individuals have been given a long time to think about the image that they have of themselves which has led to them finding new ways of expressing themselves. Phone cases in particular have become a hot item to look out for, people can’t get enough of them! Check out some of these brands that have been listed as the most popular: Spigen, Storm Buy, Mybat, and Otterbox. Another form of expression is through the layout of your room at home as well. As of late, people have been looking into things like collectibles as a means of showcasing their interests. Believe or not, action figures have become a popular category in a way of accessorizing your room. For this section, just think of what’s popular in the US’s pop culture. Superheroes, popular movies, and classic TV shows are a few categories to look into. It is important to note that with collectibles, the rarer the better. The harder it is to get your hands on the item gives you a better opportunity at reselling these hot items!

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