Top selling products on Amazon are always changing. This is largely due to the fact that there are so many sellers on their platform and that Amazon is always updating their “Best Sellers” list hourly. However, there are still major trends and items to look out for that you will want to get your hands on! On their “Best Sellers” list, there are many product categories to sift through and see what the top items are. For example, in electronics, there are the Amazon Echo Dots that people are constantly ready to get their hands on. There are also the 4K Firestick TV streaming devices that have remotes that come equipped with Alexa. This is still just the tip of the iceberg, PS5’s and Xbox Series X’s are extremely valuable in the reselling market so getting your hands on one gives you the ability to get it off your plate at a much higher price. Gift Cards for Playstation’s online marketplace and Xbox marketplace gift cards are another set of items that people will always be willing to buy. This is due to the fact that they can make perfect gifts and how it is more convenient to order it offline rather than going into the store. Clothes are always a go to item as well. People are always trying to keep up on the latest trends and be as stylish as possible. Biker shorts for women have made their way up to one of the best selling items in the clothes section of Amazon along with Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bralettes. Another piece of clothing that has gained attention as well are Men’s Levi 505 – Fit Jeans. The list goes on, Dockers Men’s Shorts, Yoga pants, Sports Bras, Baby’s Short Sleeve Bodysuits, and Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear. When it comes to clothes, you want to pay attention to brands that are reputable and recognizable since people develop connections to said brands. Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Dockers, and Levi’s; just to name a few. Another good section to take a look at is Amazon’s Camera and Photo category. RIng cameras for home security have become increasingly popular and I believe this is largely due to the pandemic and having to be at home for a majority of people’s time. Amazon hosts many different brands that are similar to Ring, companies like Blink, eufy, and Wyze are alternatives that are worth looking into. Books are another category that has received attention as well. Again, due to the pandemic, people have been looking into means to entertain themselves. Whether electronic or physical, people are searching for outlets that still bring satisfaction while being stuck at home. Titles like The Magic Treehouse, which is geared towards elementary school kids are a perfect item since many parents have been trying to find ways to keep their kids busy while they have been learning from home. The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave is another title to pay attention to, it reached #2 on Amazon’s Best Selling Books category. Atomic Habits by James Clear is an important item as well, people have taken this pandemic experience as a way to improve themselves and undo their unhealthy habits. Self-help books are a perfect method that many have utilized so looking into this specific genre is important. Finally, I had mentioned consoles and gift cards before but now I will be delving into the video game section. Video games were a major hot item due to people being at home and having too much time on their hands. Computer accessories are noteworthy as well, things like computer mouses, gaming headsets, and portable external storage devices. For games, you will want to specifically look at popular titles, Mario, Zelda, and Playstation Exclusives. Here is a list of a few titles that have made it onto the Best Selling list: Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda Link’s Awakening, and Ghost of Tsushima. Physical copies can be a bit outdated, however, there is definitely still a market for people who prefer physical copies over digital. As for computer accessories: Razer Kraken gaming headsets, Razer DeathAdder gaming mouses, and WD_Black external hard drives are highly sought after. Understanding the gaming community is important to approaching this section, you will know exactly what items people are searching for and which items are worthy of purchasing.

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