Some Tips to Help You Make Money From eBay And Amazon



Almost all online resellers list items on eBay. The eCommerce website has been around since 1995, catering to nearly 200 million users worldwide. Learning how to resell on eBay can undoubtedly benefit your business, and luckily, it doesn’t take much to start!

How to resell on eBay — Expert tips and tricks

Many aspiring resellers ask the same question: Is using eBay worth it? Amazon may have more traffic these days, but eBay is still very much alive and has its advantages. For example, the platform has sold over $27.5 billion worth of products in 2021 alone, with most sales coming from overseas buyers. As a result, eBay is perfect if you want to expand your international reach!

With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to resell on eBay successfully:

  • Learn more about competitive pricing

Finding the ideal price for your products takes more work than you realize. A great price will influence your customers’ willingness to pay and increase your chances of appearing at the top of eBay’s search results.

So how do you ensure competitive pricing for your products? The key is to check other listings on the website! For example, if you’re selling mugs, search for similar and recently sold items on the website and rework your prices based on the existing data.

  • Optimize for SEO

Search engine optimization is as functional for eBay as it is for Google. Your customers are likely looking for products that fit a specific search term, and it’s your job to lead them straight to your store. Consider iPhone cases, for example. If you want to reach your target audience, use keywords such as “iPhone case 11,” “iPhone case art,” and “iPhone case cover.”

  • Take advantage of customer reviews

Trust is an essential aspect of every business. And to gain your customers’ trust online, you’ll need to establish loyalty from the start. Encourage your customers to write reviews and provide honest feedback. This will help increase your credibility and allow you to discover areas of improvement.

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