Today we’re going to be breaking down the process for reselling and how you can get started. Reselling can seem a bit troubling at first but that’s exactly what this post is for! Here are the steps we have outlined for you to start your journey:


Step 1: Setting Up Your Online Marketplace Accounts

Step 2: Source Your Products

Step 3: See What Your Products Are Selling For

Step 4: Purchasing Your Products

Step 5: List On Online Marketplaces


Step one is very simple considering most platforms offer this as a free service. Whether you go to Amazon, Walmart’s Marketplace or eBay, setting up a selling account is a cinch. You can find the links for all of these with a simple search through your choice of search engine. For Amazon, when starting an account, you are given two options: starting an Individual account or a Professional account. Individual accounts can be treated as more of a trial to see how you like operating on Amazon’s marketplace. There are more restrictions on this account such as only being able to sell 40 items at any given time. Starting with an Individual account is great for starting since it will help you get the lay of the land before fully diving in and you always have the option to upgrade to a Professional account at any time! Moving on to the Professional account, this is essentially the dedicated players’ choice when it comes to reselling. You don’t have to pay the fees associated with the Individual account and you have the ability to have a bigger presence on Amazon’s platform. You will see your products getting higher placements on searches and access to restricted product categories. However, this account does have a recurring payment of $39.99 a month but is most certainly worth it when you’re ready to fully dial into flipping products.

Walmart has a fairly similar process to Amazon’s Seller Accounts. By this I mean, there’s an application process, brand registry, product approval and listing, and then creating the shipping plan. Like Amazon, there are a few hoops that you need to jump through when applying to Walmart’s marketplace. I would suggest getting your information in order prior to applying but if Walmart is your second stop after Amazon, then it will be no trouble at all.

EBay is easily the most simple marketplace to get set up on. You can list all your items on there for free


Sourcing products is made easy with West Coast Dealz, our discord is constantly popping off with great info on products. The community is always pointing you in the right direction to products that are worthy of your attention and have good resale value. Links on links to products on Walmart, Amazon, Costco, Target, you name it. However, if you want to take the road less traveled, you can always hop in your car and take a trip to a local retailer. The locations that I just mentioned all have physical stores that you can go into and see what the latest deals are and what to look out for next. Most of these locations have clearance sections which are a great place to look in for items that you should be investing into so you can resell at a higher value!


Scanning your items to see what they’re selling for is a breeze. You can easily open up Amazon or eBay and scan your item to see how much it’s going for. While this process is rather simple, this is where new resellers often run into trouble but it’s nothing unexpected. The more you resell, the more you learn which products have the best resale value and know what are the ideal profit margins that you want. This is where the beauty of West Coast Dealz comes in, the community is always filling you in on what price you should be purchasing the products at and showing the value they hold when it comes to reselling. West Coast Dealz paves the path for you so you can reach the profits ASAP!


Purchasing your products is definitely where your resolve is tested. Investing money up front can seem intimidating but that’s where West Coast Dealz comes in. You have to be able to look past the initial cost and see the sweet returns you can get on each product. Something that costs you $40 can easily bring in triple the profit! An important part to remember is to keep your receipts, this is just in case the product doesn’t sell how you want it to and you easily get your money back and then move on to the next product. Organizing these is important as well, make sure you have a designated area where you can keep your receipts, just in case you need them for later.


Finally, get those products up on online marketplaces! Amazon, eBay, Facebook, anywhere your product has a place on is the perfect place to list them. This is the step where you really start seeing profits coming in. This is where your hard work and research pays off, seeing those numbers go up is where the satisfaction comes in. In West Coast Dealz’s discord, community members are posting there wins nonstop just to show the rest that it’s possible and opportunity is there for the taking!

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