Best Advice and Information for the Amazon and eBay Reseller



Amazon and eBay are two platforms that reign over today’s online selling industry. These websites have established themselves as the pioneers of e-commerce, with millions of users worldwide. And if you’re trying to explore retail arbitrage on Amazon, now is the best time!

What you need to know about retail arbitrage on Amazon

The term “arbitrage” may seem foreign to some people, but it’s something you’re likely familiar with: Reselling. In simpler terms, it involves buying items at low prices and reselling them for a profit.

But arbitrage is not like your typical business where you source products from a manufacturer or a wholesaler. Instead, it works like this:

  1. Search for low-priced products from other retail stores, Amazon, and eBay.
  2. Purchase the products and have them sent to you.
  3. List the products for sale at a reasonable margin.
  4. Make a profit!

Retail arbitrage on Amazon is steadily growing in popularity, which means you’ll have a lot of competition. So what can you do to stand out if you’re planning to enter the market?

Learn to manually source products

You can’t excel at something if you haven’t mastered the basics. For instance, manual sourcing is the foundation of online arbitrage.

Here are some tips for manual sourcing:

  • Browse different retail websites and search for sales and clearance promotions.
  • Cross-check your leads with the sales prices on Amazon.
  • Evaluate the resale potential of your leads.
  • Buy products at the lowest possible price.


Take advantage of technology

Once you’ve mastered manual sourcing, you can finally move on to the next lesson: using tools and technology to your advantage!

Product sourcing tools can help you scan numerous items across different suppliers, marketplaces, and listings, saving loads of precious time. In addition, they will lead you to the best deals and recommend products based on price, availability, and demand.

Like any other business, retail arbitrage on Amazon takes patience and consistency. But a little perseverance can go a long way.

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