9 Best Profitable Reselling Business Ideas for Newbies

The reselling business continues to be a popular option for new entrepreneurs. It’s relatively easy and affordable to get started because you can do it online. It involves buying products from other online sellers for cheap and then reselling them at a higher price. You’ll earn a profit margin, which is the difference between the wholesale price and what you charge your customers.

To start reselling, you’ll have to identify and find products you want to sell. Here are nine ideas to inspire you:

1. Amazon or eBay reselling

Online arbitrage means buying products cheaply from another online store and then reselling them on another online marketplace like Amazon and eBay. With the right tools, methodical approach, and data, this can be a profitable reselling business. You also have to identify the best products to sell and understand your margins and revenue.

2. Clothing reseller

Buy wholesale clothing from apparel manufacturers, fashion designers, and vendors, markup the profit margin, and resell them in your online store.

3. Art resale dealer

Do you love art? This could be a reselling business for you. You just need to find artists who are willing to collaborate with you and allow you to sell their works for a commission.

4. Antique dealer

If you’re interested in antique jewelry, glassware, china, and furniture, then this may be for you. You can purchase these items at thrift stores, flea markets, estate sales, or garage sales and resell them in an online marketplace.

5. Luxury handbags reseller

This is considered an easy reselling business because no sizing is required and the pricing structure is very standardized.

6. Estate sales

This idea combines service fees and product resale business. You’ll need to establish an estate sale company that helps families and individuals sell off the things of their deceased. You’ll charge service fees to arrange garage sales, place advertisements, and appraisals. You could sell highly valuable items for higher profit margins.

7. Designer clothing reselling

Used luxury designer clothing could still fetch a handsome profit, and that makes it a good reselling business idea.

8. Online boutique

Build your online store to sell products, which could be merchandise, handmade crafts, or drop shipping items bought for resale at wholesale prices.

9. Jewelry reseller

You could buy new or used pieces of jewelry from online sources or thrift shops and resell them.

These are just some ideas for new entrepreneurs. Consider joining an exclusive group where you can meet like-minded individuals and experts to help you grow your online reselling business.

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