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About Us

Hey, potential West Coast Dealz members! We are the reselling Dream Team couple, Sam and Misty, also known as West Coast Goodz & West Coast Gemz.

We started our reselling journey in 2007, and it began with reselling a blackberry that we did not want. That flip brought us back double what we paid. We knew, almost immediately, this was the business we wanted to be a part of. We set off into the resale industry, and we have been doing exceptionally well since. After we mastered the art of reselling, we decided to teach others how to resell in 2017. We have helped hundreds of people learn the ins and outs of reselling with our eBay & Amazon courses. In 2019 we decided it was time to show others and teach others where to find profitable items online and in retail stores, so we created the West Coast Dealz Leadz Group.

Why should you choose West Coast Dealz?

At West Coast Dealz, we are experts in the reselling industry. We have grown to learn the ins and outs of reselling, and now we have combined everything we learned together to make your reselling journey as easy as possible. Our exclusive courses and guides were not created to throw information your way and expect you to understand. That’s not how we treat our West Coast Dealz group members. Join now and not only benefit from the deals and leads but learn from our 600+ members.
We connect with our group members via Zoom, social media, and chat to get to know every one of our members and their goals. We aim to help create successful women and men, whether you a newbie or selling for years. Trust me, we know just how challenging the reselling game can be without the proper direction and support system, so we decided to create West Coast Dealz because hundreds of heads are better than one! That solution is nothing but your willpower and our team’s firsthand knowledge. All you have to do is dedicate your time with our team, and you will build a money-making empire you could have only dreamed of. Why wait any longer? Join the West Coast Dealz TEAM today!!!
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